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A young fruity white semi-sweet wine with pineapple on the nose with a nice citrus finish.



This varietal has large conical clusters which can weigh as much as a pound. This grape produces a wine with excellent aroma and flavors reminiscent of many German whites.



A light bodied dry red wine with dark cherry aromas and a fresh, fruity flavor.

Port Louisa


Barrel-aged dessert wine named after an early settlement in Louisa County, Iowa. Whereas the river town was rough and rowdy, our dessert wine is smooth and mellow.


Port Louisa Holiday Box

$65.00 $49.95

Port Louisa is a barrel-aged dessert wine that will make a great gift this year. We have boxed it up with a glass and bottle opener and a big red bow.

Randa Blush


A tasteful blend of two native varieties, creating a fruity wine with excellent “grape” flavor!

St. Croix


This intensely dark dry red carries wonderful aromas of tobacco and pepper.