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A young fruity white semi-sweet wine with pineapple on the nose with a nice citrus finish.



This varietal has large conical clusters which can weigh as much as a pound. This grape produces a wine with excellent aroma and flavors reminiscent of many German whites.



A light bodied dry red wine with dark cherry aromas and a fresh, fruity flavor.

Port Louisa


Barrel-aged dessert wine named after an early settlement in Louisa County, Iowa. Whereas the river town was rough and rowdy, our dessert wine is smooth and mellow.

Randa Blush


A tasteful blend of two native varieties, creating a fruity wine with excellent “grape” flavor!

St. Croix


This intensely dark dry red carries wonderful aromas of tobacco and pepper.

Trinity Red


Blend of two full-bodied and delicious reds. The barrel selected for aging lends a rich decadence upfront. Hearty mid-palate, and a buttery, smooth finish. Three wines in one.