About Odessa Vineyards

We are located between the Iowa and Mississippi Rivers. Our winery and vineyards are situated on the bluff, just 2 miles west of our namesake, Lake Odessa. We currently grow 7 varieties of grapes, both American and French-American hybrids particularly suited for our varied climate. Our attentiveness to the grape from vine to bottle assures the production of fine wines to suit a variety of palates. We will introduce new wines and bottle past favorites over the next few months! Remember to call if you are in the area for a private tasting. As always, if we are around, we will open the doors for you.

Privately owned company that specializes in the production of premium quality wines. We grow, crush, and press many of our own grapes to ensure that we provide our customers with the best wine possible. Owned and operated by Corey and Tami Nichols, we are located in Louisa County.

We started our vineyard in 2006 with the planting of 1.25 Acres of vines. Frontenac, Brianna, Lacrescent, Lacrosse, and Concord were all in the mix. Our intent was to grow and sell our grapes for a few years, then open our own winery. The onset of age and the inevitable decline in energy level led to the acceleration of our timetable.

In 2008 we added another two grape varieties, Esprit and St. Croix, in a .75 A block. Additionally, we have proceeded with the conversion of our barn into a small winery and tasting room.


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